EKA, NuPort partner for India’s first Level 2 ADAS for electric buses

EKA, an electric vehicles & technology company and a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries Limited, today announced its partnership with NuPort Robotics to introduce Level 2 autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems, to their electric bus models. This is a first-of-its-kind-in-the-country initiative towards the utilisation and incorporation of Level 2 autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Electric buses on Indian roads.
EKA begins testing on a range of autonomous features developed by NuPort, an advanced technology that promises to contribute to improvements in safety, reducing environmental footprint, and increasing operational efficiency.
The technology will be deployed with over 5,000 buses, representing a minimum investment of nearly Rs 150 crore in innovation.
NuPort Robotics, a Canadian company announced its plans earlier this month to set up operations in India and fully develop and deploy its technology in India for commercial vehicle manufacturers, beginning with electric vehicle manufacturers.

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