EKA Mobility partners Israel’s EVR Motors for electric motors

Israel-based EVR Motors has inked a pact with EKA Mobility, a Pune-headquartered electric vehicle and technology company, to design electric motors for the EV manufacturers’ e-buses and light commercial vehicles in India.

As per the understanding, EVR will design and develop electric motors based on its Trapezoidal Stator – RFPM topology for EKA’s vehicles for the Indian market.

Opher Doron, CEO, EVR Motors said, “The new commercial agreement with EKA Mobility in India is a result of EVR’s growing offering of electric motors from two and three-wheelers, through hybrid motors to commercial and passenger vehicles.”

The compan, in a statement, said that EVR has developed a unique, patented motor topology: The Trapezoidal Stator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (TS-RFPM) Motor. Compared to standard motors, its electric motors are 30-50 percent lighter and smaller, cost is significantly less, and can be tailored to user requirements.

Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, EKA & Pinnacle Industries said, “We are confident that EVR’s breakthrough technology will push us further to achieve our vision to make EVs more viable, efficient, reliable, and efficient.”

Earlier this year, EKA Mobility had launched its 9-meter electric bus, which was completely designed and manufactured in India. The company said that the first batch of the electric buses will soon be deployed on roads. Further, the company said that it plans to launch a range of light commercial vehicles that will offer up to 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.